About our rooms. Room 2

Yesterday I made a decision to use my blog more this year and whilst I could easily ramble on about absolutely nothing I thought a bit of structure would help me ease into the discipline of the exercise. With that in mind I thought the first thing I would do was a room by room description, which will keep me going for at least 9 posts!

Owing to the fact I am going to be messing about with room 1 shortly I thought I’d start with room 2 🙂


It might help if my pictures were filed on my laptop in a way in which I can find them easily though! The labels I apply on the day I take them always make sense at the time but not months later 🙂 These pictures were taken by a professional photographer but I found that I prefer to be able to go in and take photo’s when I want to – ie when it’s lovely outside or the roses are in bloom 🙂jemmison photography 006jemmison photography 008jemmison photography 011

Ah, well, there’s a few to be going on with and I’m sure I’ll be able to edit the post at some point to add more when I find them but I don’t want to get sidetracked from the process of posting something by looking for pictures…..

So, Room 2 is my accessible room. Not completely accessible in that it doesn’t have a wet room but accessible enough for the type of people who like to come and stay with me. The ensuite has a toilet that is a bit higher than usual and has a fixed grab rail on one side and a moveable one on the other (the right hand side as you look at it, so the left hand side if you were sitting on the loo).
The shower tray is around 30 ins wide and around 5 ft long and has a quad fold screen that is folded back when not in use – there is also a curtain which covers the area not protected by the screen. There are grab rails either side of the shower head and I have a shower stool which can be positioned on the tray if required. The beauty of the set up is that if anyone does need to be seated whilst showering, they can get themselves comfy then close the shower screen and pull the curtain closed. I also took the shower head out of the high retainer so that if some one needs to put it on the floor to set it running, they can do and then pick it up whilst seated.
The sink in room 2 is also a specialist one, it is very large and sloping, one lady once told me she was thrilled because she’d been able to wash her hair in it, which she hadn’t been able to do for years.

Both the bathroom and bedroom doors are wide enough for wheelchairs to enter, although the type of guest who usually books the room tends to be people who just can’t manage the stairs and baths any more. The room is located close to the front door and is very convenient for the lounge and dining room.

One of my favourite aspects of the room is its large bay window. I sourced a little table and some wooden chairs with arms so that people can push up on them if need be to stand up and I know my guests love to sit there and watch the animal life in the garden. There is also a comfortable leather sofa just near the table so people can sit on something a bit softer if they wish (I do have cushions for the wooden chairs though!).

There is a fridge in the room and I put fresh milk into it each day so people often come back to the house quite early when booking this room and have a little rest before dinner, with a lovely pot of tea and some local titbit or other they’ve treated themselves to!

People who book this room often book for 4-7 nights and also tend to be the main type of guest who ask to have dinner with me so I tend to get to spend more time with them than many of my other guests. Also, because it is so comfortable for them and maybe because I do tend to spoil them, I do get an awful lot of repeat bookings for this room. It can be a twin or a double because the beds are ‘zip and link’ and I do try to keep the room available for people who really do need the accessible aspects it offers.

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