Walking Groups

Smiling at my previous post – over a year ago and it was supposed to be the start of something new. Oh dear, I wonder what stopped me doing more? I guess I can pick up and write about my other rooms now I’ve remembered my log in details 🙂 but the reason I wanted to write a post this evening was to try to spread the word about the lovely space I have here at the house for walking groups to relax in.
I was lucky enough to have a lovely group stay with me last weekend and they mentioned how difficult it is to find somewhere nice in the Yorkshire Dales where they can all stay together, be looked after, but without other people to worry about disturbing when having drinks on an evening. Well, given that’s exactly what I offer in winter there’s no reason why I can’t do that sometimes in summer too so I have made a new tab on my website just for walking groups, showing the price and what I can offer for dinner during their stay and this seemed a good second step.
It would be lovely if someone saw it and said hello as I think the thing that put me off typing more previously was the feeling of talking to myself.
What would be even better would if someone saw it, passed on information to a walking group and they got in touch. But baby steps eh?

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    ooo that’s a clever tool, wonder if anyone will reply to me if i repost this now?

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